Water treatment

For the perfectly clear water

pH adjustment

increase or decrease water pH

Algae prevention

Stop algae and fungus before it even appears.


Kill all pathogens with chlorine or active oxygen


Chemicals for keeping clean the pool’s environment

Special packages

For the perfectly clear water

Chlorine set

Most effective disinfection chemical. Pathogen- and algae-free water easily.

Chlorine-free set

In case of chlorine-allergy, Pontaqua’s got the solution for proper disinfection with active oxygen or bromine.

Hot tub set

Chemicals you need to treat you jakuzzi. Bromine or chlorine version available.

Season opening

All chemicals you need after opening a well winterized pool in spring.

Starter Set

All chemicals you need when you first fill up the pool with water.


3 in 1 water treatment package for hot tubs and small massage pools.

Keeps the water and pool engineering clean and healty with no additional chemicals involved for 12 weeks.

Pool chemical


Pontaqua’s got 2 solutions for automating your pool’s chemical dosing. Relying on measurements of the integrated probes, the device will fine tune the level of chemicals by itself. Depending on your preference there are 2 solutions for chemical automation:

  • pH/oxygen
  • pH/redox

Pontaqua chemical automations systems are made in Italy, EU.


water treatment

Salt chlorination

Less chemicals – Cleaner water

Integrating a salt chlorinator into your pool system is a smart decision to reduce the cost of chemicals and automate the main water disinfection task. Just add 15 kg salt to every 10 m³ of water and your device takes it from there. Your pool will always have enough free-chorine to keep away the pathogens.

UV-C disinfector

This device operates with ultraviolet light to kill all pathogens in the water, while it flows through. The C range of ultraviolet light isn’t carcinogenic but destroys bacteria and microorganisms. With the use of an UV-C filer, you can significantly reduce chemical usage. Pontaqua UV-C operates with Blue Lagoon technology, designed, and built in Netherlands, EU. Eligible for pools under 60 m³.