Pool cleaning robots

Sit back – robots will got this

Automatic cleaning robots

Keep your pool clean of debris and dust without any effort. Let cost-efficient robots do the work. Pontaqua offers solution for all types and sizes of pools.


cleaning robot

The best price for value robot is a love at first use. Phantom has nice elegant look, it’s lightweight and operates smoothly. The cable’s got a rotating connector so it can not tangle up, letting the robot move freely. Phantom can clean the socket, the steps and even the walls.

  • Pontaqua’s flagship product
  • top-class inverter technology
  • fast heating time
  • low operating noise
  • outstanding COP value
  • remote monitoring system via Wi-Fi
  • for 25–170 m³ pools


cleaning robot

Automatic pool clening robot that cleans your pool when you want. Saphyr has an auto-start system and can be programmed to start roaming in 1-3-7 days. While sucking up the dirt, Saphyr also filtesr the water of the pool and effectively collets floating particles.
  • For all surfaces
  • Wall climbing function
  • 72 m³ max pool size
  • Automatic roaming and learning
  • 1–1.5–2 hours operating cycles
  • 2 m max. water depth
  • 20 m3/h filtering capacity
  • 18 m floating cable
  • Easy and hygienic filter cartridge cleaning


Compact pool cleaning robot recommended for swimming pool up to 50 m². Working wireless and easily cleans walls as well, on all type of pool surfaces.

  • Wall climbing function
  • 50 m³ max pool size
  • 5 hour operating cycle
  • 2 m max. water depth
  • 10 m3/h filtering capacity
  • Lithium battery powered
  • 1 brushing cylinder / 1 suction orifice
  • Easy and hygienic filter cartridge cleaning
  • Lightweight and silent

Optimus Eco

cleaning robot

Leader of the residential range, Optimus Eco is a superb cleaning robot for a decent price. Roams freely without cable. With its rechargeable battery Optimus can clean for 2 hours.
  • Easy to use
  • Fully automatic
  • Learns your pool
  • 2 m max water depth
  • 120 m² max. pool surface
  • 2 wide suction orifices
  • 1 large front cleaning cylinder
  • Wall climbing function
  • Comfortable handle
  • Charging time: 4-5 h
  • Lithium battery powered